The Roaming Possum

The Roaming Possum

Have fun reading!! Grace, Mercy, and Peace, Jess

Friday, March 31, 2006

It's been a really long week. I'm still tired and my eyes still feel swollen.

Our church lost a great man this week. Mr Gene was a friend to anyone he met. When we think "Gene" we think of the smile he always wore and the firm handshake he always gave.

The flag at his bank was half mast and the bank was closed. To me, it won't ever be "ameris bank." It will always be "Mr Gene's bank."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well, look who forgot she even has a blog!

I sure don't take after my sis Cheri do I? Maybe the jellybean will take notes from his or her mom insteaed of Aunt Jess. I'm not too great at keeping people informed about what's goin on in my life. Don't feel left out though. My diary went through the same woeful state of neglect that you are. You've all read "The Diary of Anne Frank"? Well, "The Diary of Jess Godwin" won't be published in this lifetime. I tell other people's stories better than I tell my own.

I dont' live life this way! I just write about my days this way. I mean, how many ways can you write "I went to work today?" Hopefully, this half hearted attempt at keeping a record of life will not extend to my books. Yes, you read it here first. Jess is attempting a book. None of this book will be posted here due to publishing rights.

Well, I must go study for a history exam. If I don't, this possum knows what kind of grade she'll be getting tomorrow.

love to all my lurkers, (you know who you are!)


Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I don't like you because you have a great personality
Because you do
Or because we share some deep connection
Because I don't know
Or because the first time I saw you I knew you were it for me
Because I didn't

Honestly, the first time I saw you I thought "Oh great--another one"

I like you because of your car--that '94 electric blue mustang GT with a supercharger, 400 rear horse power, (whatever that is) and the hawaiian lei on the rearview mirror
I like you because of the way your hair touches your face in just the way I want to--tracing fingers along your strong jawline
I like you because you're everything my parents warned me about and everything my last boyfriend wasn't--a real man.

And the girl who thought she was above all that looked inside.


This is my newest work--just for fun.

Love to all


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Me and my Baby---this is my redneck princess truck, Lucy. She's been with me through three wrecks. No major damage done to her. She's a tough old gal.

Don't tell her, but as soon as i can, she's goin to someone else, and I'm getting a road paint yellow mustang. But she's a good truck.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My house is in a general state of upheaval and I hate it. My parents got a new bedroom suit and so I "inherited" a dresser, night stand, jewelry armoir, and an obnoxiously huge tv. What's the problem you might say? With moving, I should be thrilled to have new furniture that I can take with me. And I am--all except for the obnoxiously huge tv that is staying here anyway.

I told them that I didn't want their old furniture in my room. But I gave in when they told me that when I move, I can take it with me. Less stuff I have to buy. But I was adamant about not wanting that tv. It shouldn't be such a big deal, but I'm litterally typing with tears streaming down my face cause when I came home from work, I walk into my room and reach to turn on my wonderful stereo and my hand hits this cold, unfeeling, obnoxiously huge tv. What happened to my room?

Why can't I have my nice room back the way it was? I even had to box up all my books cause we had to get rid of my wall unit in order to fit the new furniture in there. My room looks like some furniture pawn shop exploded in there. I just want my old stuff back. And I want that tv out of there. I can't even turn on my stereo cause they unplugged it and moved it from where I had it--which was exactly where I wanted it--and set it to the side unplugged...sitting there cold and dead, just waiting for me to find a place to put it. Can't I have my old room back??

**collapses into an exhausted heap and sobs

Monday, January 02, 2006

First Post of the New year

So, it's a time for new beginnings, and there was a new beginning in my life. I stood up to the guy who used my heart as his testing ground. He used my emotions and threw what he didn't want away for whoever was willing to take his leftovers.

He tried to confront me in church yesterday, but I looked at him and said "There's only room for one drama queen in this place, and you're wearing the tiara."

"I don't get it"

"That's the point"

So I'm free now. I can't believe how much of me was tied up and locked away. I almost don't recognize me anymore. For the first time in a year I feel loved, accepted, wanted, and whole. And it's all God.

Happy new year everyone.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

This is the first piano I ever played. Picture a very blonde little girl who's feet couldn't reach the pedals..and that's me. Yep, I used to be blonde when I was little.

This piano..she's severely out of tune, can't be fixed (unless you could do a complete overhaul on her) but she holds a special place for me because that's where I learned to love music.